Happy chicken eggs and us

Catalan journalist and Editor in Chief of newspaper ARA Carles Capdevila published an op-ed a few months ago intitled Els ous de gallines felices i nosaltres (Happy chicken eggs and us).  He reflected on how we could transfer this egg marking to our workplaces.


Imagine laying your eggs when you feel like it, conduct a healthy life, acting according to your own convictions and values, being responsible for your actions… being responsible for your own eggs.

I thought he was absolutely right and I shared the text with my work colleagues at the ad agency where I worked at that time. We had a long conversation about it and it inspired us so much that we started working on an early idea for a new ad video.

Suzie & Zoe, two of the three Scottish chickens that run around in our garden, in Edinburgh
Suzie & Zoe, two of three Scottish chickens that run around in our garden, in Edinburgh

Six months later, I have my own free-range eggs, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Literally, because now I’m in Edinburgh living with a family that has three Scottish chickens in the garden who provide us with fresh eggs every morning. And metaphorically because I’m enjoying an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs grant that allows me to find a way to set up my own company in the best conditions of freedom and creativity.

The eggs or the chicken… no matter what was first. In free-ranged eggs you’ll find the origin of everything good.

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