Magic powers

Last Friday I went to one of these events called CreativeMornings at Summerhall (Edinburgh), which is a monthly talk with a guest for the creative community of the city…. the only thing is that you must be a morning person (which is not my case) because it starts at 8.30AM.

When I got there, still half asleep, everybody was cheerfully active, chatting and networking and looking busy; glad of being identified by a label on their jacket with their name and their magic power (!) written in it.

Flying, going back in time or making people happy were some of the magic powers that I came across. Having read that, I found mine “too deep” for the general vibe.

My identifying label

The magic of accidental audience was the topic of the day.

Janis Claxton, coreographer, was the guest speaker:

Unpredictable magic only happens when people take part in a performance, when they act or react in relation to what’s going on. Taking the work to the audience and not the audience to the work.

She was talking about Pop-Up Duets, her latest production. The aim of this project is bringing contemporary dance to public spaces.

In the end, it was all about movement. Change. Action.

In the end, I wasn’t so off-track with my magic power.

Creative Mornings Edinburgh, 30.09.2016 (by Peter McNally)
Creative Mornings Edinburgh, 30.09.2016 (by Peter McNally)

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