Communications & Engagement Strategy (2018)

Communications Manager for Associa’t a la Festa, a collaborative festival designed with the community of associations of Barcelona. Working closely with the Barcelona City Council & the different platforms of citizen participation, Associa’t a la Festa celebrates local entities’s role in Barcelona public life and works as a meeting point for all of them for strengthening their network through the city and beyond.

PR & Communications Consultant (2018)

PR & Communications Consultant for AIMS (Acadèmia Internacional de Música de Solsona). AIMS has been operating in Solsona (Lleida, Catalonia), near Barcelona, for 17 years, running 3 programs: AIMS Academy, AIMS Festival, and AIMS Social.

First Assistant Director (2018)

First Assistant Director on (Sentir), a documentary that breaks down stereotypes, celebrates diversity and shows the most sensory side of a person with autism.

Documental (Sentir) sobre els Trastorns de l'Espectre Autista
“(Sentir)”, documentary about autism spectrum disorders.

First Assistant Director (2018)

First Assistant Director on “Asperger“, a unique sensory experience that captures the emotional response of people with Asperger Syndrome. Created by Vimema Productions with betevé as executive producer in association with the Palau de la Música Catalana & the Orfeó Català.

Web Content Manager (2017)

Content creation for the new website of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (2016)

Experience designer & Project Manager at Codebase (Edinburgh, Scotland) in collaboration with The City of Edinburgh Council, British Telecom & Design Informatics (The University of Edinburgh).

CodeBase (Edinburgh, Scotland)
CodeBase (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Brand Storyteller (2016)

Online video ad for La Brava Beer. A tribute to all those people who work while others rest, so that the others rest. Now that the season is over, we want to celebrate it with them. The summer is gone, but La Brava stays, now and always beside our people.

Institutional campaign commissioned by the Regional Government of Valencia. The goal: to strengthen self-esteem of the people of Valencia and recover a public image damaged by corruption. We gathered more than 400,000 visits and generated a lively public debate that set the media agenda for over a week.

Presentació campanya
Press conference to launch campaign “Orgull de ser valencians” (Proud of being valencian) at Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana.  2/5/2016

9th Joan Oró Award for Scientific Communication (2015)

Researcher, producer & scriptwriter. Awarded by the Catalan Association for Scientific Communication (ACCC).

Your Monster Story (2014)

Selected by Creamedia 2014, a programme for creative industries. Creamedia is an startup incubator by Barcelona Activa in collaboration with the Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial (SDE), Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) & the Cultural Department of the Catalan Government.

Founders of Your Monster Story
Founders of Your Monster Story (from left to right): Raquel Loscos, Juanjo Climent & Alba Forés

Documentary Filmmaker (2012 – 2014)

Premiered in June 2013. Best Short Documentary MON·DOC 2013. Film supported by the Pau Costa Foundation.

Radio Broadcaster (2007 – 2013)

News magazines & cultural reports at Catalunya Ràdio, & Catalunya Informació.

Special correspondent at festivals and events.

Cabaret Elèctric a iCat fm
“Cabaret Elèctric”, cultural radio show broadcasted on the catalan radio station iCat fm

Festival Organiser (2014)

Festival organiser at Arts Libris Barcelona International Art Book Fair

Public Relations Assistant (2007)

Sant Jordi Book Fair in Barcelona (April 2007)
Frankfurt Book Fair (September 2007)

Fundació puntCAT
Fundació puntCAT